Grand Barbeque Buffet, Dubai

Before I started blogging, I went for lunch with my gang of girls to the Grand Barbeque Restaurant when it had just opened its doors. When girls go out together, all they remember is endless giggles and of course the juicy gossip. But I do remember the excellent service where the starters were being served right on our table inspite of it being a buffet, so that we could chat uninterruptedly.


To my astonishment, a few days back I received an invite from the Grand Barbeque Restaurant to review their buffet. I was very excited to go back and revive the happy memories but this time around I went with my husband, Mr. A.


When you enter, the place looks fancy with some very interesting lighting effects which makes the whole ambiance very uplifting and energetic. The interior designing is done very intelligently. There are huge pillars  in the center of the hall, dividing it into two passages leading straight to the buffet area, making the buffet easily accessible from all the tables in the restaurant. The best part about this family friendly restaurant is that they even have private, segregated rooms for families and ladies who wear hijab so that they can freely enjoy their meal.


They have a good variety of drinks which includes fresh juices, sodas and even traditional Indian mango lassi.


The chaat/snacks corner is a visual treat. It is difficult to decide what is more colorful- the wall in the background or the colorful chaat in the foreground. We asked the waiter to get us one plate each of the chaats so he brought us pani puri, dahi puri and sev puri. The street food tasted just the way it should, there was no unnecessary fusion there which I liked.


The salad bar had a very fresh and unique variety of salads- something which you won’t find at any other Indian buffet at this price. What I found very impressive was the fact that fresh fruits were used in salads like pineapple salad and apple and walnuts salad. They even had a number of dressings and chutneys included in the salad bar.

There were two soups- hot and sour which was a vegetarian soup and chicken soup. I enjoyed the hot and sour which was spicy and just like the one served in Indo-Chinese restaurants.



There were vegetable and chicken dumplings which tasted good with the sweet chilli dip.



The main course was lavish and grand to the core with a huge variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes ranging from barbecue to rich Mughlai gravies to live pasta counter and a variety of Chinese dishes. There were also a lot of fresh seafood dishes and the quality wasn’t compromised especially there was a fish gravy which tasted nothing less than my mother’s home cooked fish gravy. I relished this particular dish the most with the in house assorted tandoori naans.


The desserts were spread on a very large scale. From chocolate fountains to tri-color mousse, a variety of cakes and international desserts, and also some rich Indian desserts, there was something for everyone there. For the ones who count their calories, there were even fresh fruits. I particularly loved the ice cream corner which served the best quality ice creams.


Grand Barbeque had a kids section which contained nuggets and fries. They even had a green tea corner where you could make your own tea to digest all those rich and delicious dishes.


In conclusion I would say that The Grand Barbeque Restaurant has paid a lot of attention to the small details and they did not compromise on quality and that is what makes it stand out from the other buffets. The service was at par, if not the best. The area is spacious, so it doesn’t feel congested even if the house is full. Grand Barbeque is a total value for money.



Buffet cost AED 75 per person for dinner.

For reservations: Call 04 4376028




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