Zuccero, Dubai Festival City

While exploring the best Hotels and Restaurants around the Emirates and discovering some of the finest cuisines, I’ve also had certain self discovery moments of my own. I was rather surprised to realize that I don’t really have a sweet tooth and don’t really look forward to desserts. In fact I’m very picky when it comes to my desserts. I don’t like experimental desserts and like sticking to the old-fashioned ones.


When we got an invite to a bloggers event from Zuccero, which is a Cakery, I was a bit hesitant to go knowing that they don’t serve anything savory. But they serve some heavenly cupcakes (my heart melted at the sight of Ferrero cupcake) and divine desserts so we just had to go and see for ourselves what the hype was all about. We decided to go in the afternoon, ahead of the event due to other commitments and thankfully Nairuz-the operational manager was very flexible.


The cakery is located in Festival City opposite center point. It has an open siting area in the middle of the mall. But hats off to the owner for designing it so cleverly that after a few minutes, you don’t even feel that you’re sitting in an open cafe. I loved the whole “Alice in wonderland” feel to the cafe. A lot of hard work is put into the little details. Everything from the cutlery to the white interiors and the green and pink furniture.


I picked my favorite Ferrero Rocher and Mr. A took the most popular Red Velvet. They also served us Platter of mini cupcakes included bounty cupcakes and Carrot & Orange.

All the cupcakes were good. Soft and flavorful but I did not like the icing on top of Ferrero Rocher. It was more greasy than expected. For me the winner was Red velvet and Bounty was good too.


We were also offered drinks so I ordered the Red Velvet milkshake and Mr. A got a Mocha for himself which was served in a very large cup. The Mocha was sweeter than usual.

Red Velvet Milkshake was a pleasure to drink. It was rich and had bits of cup cakes.


Zuccero also customizes cakes for all occasions including weddings and birthday cakes. This is their second branch and the first one is located in Ajman. While strolling around Dubai Festival City, I saw a  LOT of bakeries and cafes. I wish Zuccero the best and hope they establish themselves among the best.


We also got some glimpse and a preview of the Event preps and the theme was Dubai.



Zuccero Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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