Burger Joint NY, City Walk Dubai

Burger Joint NY is regarded as one of the best Burgers in New York by many magazines and newspapers. It has opened its branches in Abudhabi and Dubai since a year ago and it seems to have a cult following judging by the number of signatures left on the walls of Burger Joint NY.


The Dubai branch is located in City Walk 1. We walked right past it since the sign board was too high. Eventually when we entered Burger Joint, it was completely unexpected to see the interiors so hip and urban.


The ceiling was indeed very high. The walls were of exposed bricks and a lamp-post in the middle of the restaurant. It had a very warehouse-like feel to it. A place where you have the freedom to openly scribble your name on the walls and furniture, allows you to be completely chilled. The whole ambiance was so relaxed that it got to you somehow and the whole place is filled with so much energy that you won’t feel bored at all.


The Menu card came as an utter surprise to us. It was a hand written menu card on a piece of cardboard. We were highly amused by this creativity and had to ask the manager why a piece of cardboard? He replied with a smile on his face, as if he was so used to of hearing this question, that the main idea was to give this place a very rustic warehouse feel hence the cardboard menu.


For our drinks Mr. A ordered the ‘Manhattan’  – a mango, basil and lemon drink which comes under the ‘Lemonade’ category. The drink was tangy and sour but refreshing.


I ordered the Berried Treasure which was strawberry Mojito. Thankfully it wasn’t too sour. In fact it was very rejuvenating and a perfect summer drink. Besides it was such an eye candy to watch with all those bright colors.


We ordered the cheese fries. It was pretty good! The fries had some sort of flavorful sauce on and it topped with two different cheeses. However, looking at some online pictures I think they forgot to put Jalapeno and bacon on top. Pretty sure it would have tasted outstanding with bacon and jalapeno topping.


Then came the burgers. Burger Joint has a simple menu. They have a beef burger and a Chicken burger. It comes with standard ‘The Works’ – Lettuce, tomato, Pickles, Onion, Ketchup, Mustard and Mayonnaise. You can edit the works and minus what you don’t want. You can also add-on – Bacon and Cheese.


The cheese burger was oozing out the cheese and he had the bacon add-on but in Mr. A’s opinion one shouldn’t add bacon to the Cheese burger. Once he pulled the bacon out of the Burger, it was juicy and delicious. The patty was Angus beef and the burger was cooked medium well. It was perfect!


I ordered the Southwest chicken. It also came with the works and I added the bacon. The burger patty was okay. It wasn’t as juicy as I expected it to be. However when you eat it with the crispy bacon and the sauces and added veggies and pickle, it did turn out to taste pretty decent. It was a nice gourmet burger.



The server handed out Blue, Black and Red markers when we were seated. We signed our names and ‘Taqato’ several places. If you visit Burger Joint NY, do spot us on the walls and chairs!


As for Desserts, Burger Joint offers home-made brownies with or without Ice cream. The brownies were way tooooo sweet for our taste. Even with vanilla ice cream on top it did not balance out the sweetness.


I would recommend you skip the dessert and enjoy their amazing Milkshakes instead.

Burger Joint has Milkshakes in various flavors – Lotus, Oreo, Nutella, Ferrero, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Mr. A picked the Lotus Milkshake. It was rich and creamy. The sweetness was on spot and highly recommends it.


I wanted my favorite flavor – Ferrero Rocher but sadly they had run out of it. So I opted for my second favorite – Nutella Milkshake. It was a bit too sweet so the sugar overpowered the taste of nutella and I could barely taste any nutella. I’ve had better nutella milkshakes elsewhere.


I was too stuffed to finish it in the restaurant so I parceled my shake and sipped it while I took a stroll on the beautiful City Walk.


Burger Joint NY is an excellent place to hang out even if it’s just with family. In fact I did see a lot of families with kids coming in and out.  The place was buzzing with people. The only complaint is the size of the Burgers are a bit small. Its bigger than a slider and the Beef burger tasted better than the chicken. All the ingredients were fresh. Loved the cheese fries and the Lotus shake!


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