Pizzaly, Dubai Marina


Pizzaly launched their first branch in JVC few months back and now in a short period of time opened its second branch in Dubai. We got to sit down with the owner of Pizzaly – Mr. Corrado. A Businessman from Italy who’s very passionate about his heritage and food.


Although Pizzaly runs mostly on delivery, the interior is pretty and well done. It’s mostly wood work with chic pink light heads that matches the logo color. One should be comfortable dining in.





Pizzaly offers 5 kinds of Pizza – Gourmet, Classic, International, Healthy and Dessert. All the pizzas are served in one crust which is not too thin nor too thick. According to me the crust was just the perfect size and light on your tummy!

First up was the Tricolor Pizza from the Gourmet category. One glimpse and you can see it resembles an Italian flag. The green, white and red. It consists of Fresh Burrata, Tomato sauce and Basil leaves. It also had cherry tomatoes and extra virgin Olive oil.

I had a lot of Pizzas with different cheeses but never with Fresh Burrata. The Tricolor was absolutely amazing. The combination of Burrata, tomato sauce and basil is a winner.


The second Pizza- Brezaola & Rocket was from the Classic Pizza. It was topped with Fresh mozzarella, Beef Brezaola, Tomato Sauce, Rocket and Parmesan shaving.

Again it was a first for me. I never had a pizza with Rocket on it! It was surprisingly very good. Bresaola, is air-dried, salted beef that has been aged two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a dark red, almost purple color.

All the ingredients complimented each other.


The third pizza was from the International category. Pizzaly is serving 8 different country themed pizza! UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Hawaii and Japan. We picked Mexico to try.

Toppings: Mozzarella, Chopped Tomatoes, Mexican minced beef, Sweet corn and Fresh guacamole.

All the ingredients went well together but there was one thing clearly missing. It had no sauce so it was little dry. As an amateur foodie, I would suggest some spicy and saucy Salsa on top or as a side.


Although Mr. Corrado was insisting us to try more Pizzas we had no room left. It was time to end the meal with their Dessert Pizza. The choice was between Fruit custard and Nutella. We instantly picked Nutella. It was topped with Pine nuts and Coconut milk.



It was an excellent combination. The coconut milk kept the pizza juicy and the pine nuts gave the crunch. I simply loved it.


They also have outdoor seating which would be great when the weather is cool.  I would recommend this place for trying out new flavors of Pizza. Gourmet Tricolor was hands down the winner! Will definitely be going back to try some more variety. Best wishes to Mr. Corrado and hope he expands all over UAE.





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