Freedom Pizza, Dubai

Freedom Pizza is primarily a pick up and delivery joint. It has a really super easy online ordering system. You can create your account and a profile for ordering. You can also customize and save your favorites along with your credit card details.

The interesting part of their website is the Gift market where you can send anyone a Pizza or items on a menu via Email.

Send Freedom to somebody who could use a smile — a co-worker having a bad day, your kid’s favorite teacher, the security guard in your building — be creative, be generous, be free — it’s your random act of pizza, do it your way. Kinda cool huh?

#RandomActs (of pizza)




Freedom Pizza has 100+ black bikes with Red Boxes delivering Freedom all over Dubai! For last few years they are delivering only in Dubai and soon to expand.


So I too got a gift from Freedom to try their new Pizza – Saatchi& along with many other goodies…Friday afternoon I decided to pick it up from their downtown branch. As mentioned earlier they don’t have dine it. Just a plain ol counter for pick up.



Firstly, Freedom Pizza only sources almost all of their veggies locally, from Greenheart organic garden. Picked daily, at the height of flavor and nutrition. Secondly, All their meat and diary also comes from organic farms.

“Freedom is being true to yourself, present for others, connected to the world. Share Freedom”


BeFunky Collage.jpg

Edamame Salad – Kale, Baby spinach, Spring Onion, Red Chili, Goat cheese crumble.

Edamame salad was really amazing. The goat cheese crumble fit in well with the Edamame and Kale. Paired it with Apple vinegar and spice  dressing and it was heaven!

The only problem I had was with the box. It is too soft and a problem when holding it in hand while eating.



BeFunky Collage2.jpg

Superfoods Organic Salad – Baby Spinach, Kale, Rocket, basil, purslane, Spring onion, purple bell pepper, purple cabbage, cherry tomato, dried cranberry, toasted almond, pumpkin seed.

Superfoods Salad was an eye candy and probably the healthiest eye candy. It looked very pretty with all the colors popping. I poured the Raspberry and Black pepper vinaigrette over it and it was delicious.


After munching on the salads, it was time to dig in the Pizza. First up was…

Saatchi& – A creative blend of spicy buffalo chicken, pimento chili peppers, Spanish red onions with unripened creamed cheese and cheddar cheese.

Loved everything on the pizza. It was a thin crust. The Buffalo sauce was perfect and the chicken was tender. Both the Cheeses were good!


Beetnik – White sauce, Mozzarella, Goat cheese, Spring onion, Parsley, Truffle Oil, Thyme, Fennel seeds, Beetroot, Caramelized onions.

Did not love this as much as Satchi& perhaps due to the sweetness it gave off Caramelized Onion or maybe it was the White sauce. Goat cheese and truffle Oil was amazing.

Note to self: Need to order more Pizzas with goat cheese!


Banoffee Pie – Caramelized Banana compote, topped with a white chocolate ganache, Oat crumble cubes, finished with Dulche leche.

I simply loved the dessert. I got only one Banoffee Pie and it made me really sad that I had to share it with Mr. A. I would consider it as a premium dessert with the finest ingredients and it tasted like it came out of a fine dining restaurant.


I have also tried their Meat Eater Pizza a month back as a quick lunch and it was exceptional.

Who would have thought a Pizza place would make such great salad? A little bit pricey though but worth it. I would say the Pizzas are great here due to the fresh and Organic ingredients and they are priced right and fair.

I really like the fact that Freedom Pizza not only delivers excellent Pizzas but also Social messages which many multi million dollar companies fail to do in Dubai. The latest is a Road Safety message inspired by family.



Freedom Pizza is now expanding to Abudhabi and hopefully to Sharjah soon. I hope they keep continue doing the great work and keep delivering Freedom Pizzas all over UAE!

To order or for more info Visit:



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