The Gingerbread Box


The Gingerbread Box, another addition to the growing subscription boxes in Dubai & UAE. The Gingerbread Box is a premium sweet treats subscription box created with love to delight every sweet tooth in the UAE.



At the beginning of the month, we received a free April Box filled with sweet surprises! It contained five different treats from various gourmet bakeries and sweet shops. I was very excited to try out this particular surprise dessert box as it is gaining immense popularity on social media.



Artisan Rock – Candy Me

Not a big fan of candy for the reason it contains a lot of artificial flavors and sticks to the teeth. So by default i did not enjoy the pack of colorful Artisan rocks. The packaging however was good. The air tight sealable bag would keep the candy fresh.



Mini Rose Shortbread – Zo’s Kitchen

The Rose Shortbread was just OK. The Rose flavor was over powering and I could not taste or smell the butter at all. Since rose has never been my flavor as far as desserts are concerned hence this wasn’t something I would order at a bakery.



Russian Tea Bread – Baker & Spice

I have never tried a Russian Tea bread before. It was more of a Crunchy and chewy biscuit filled with nuts and dry fruits. It was sweet and tangy because of dried appricots and figs. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of figs. I wouldn’t mind finishing this, had there not been figs in this one. It was a bit hard to bite on so I assume I dip it in the tea? Any Russian readers out there…Please suggest!



Glazed Zucchini Chia Cake – Barsalata

I would never have thought i’d be having a cake made of Zucchini. The Glazed chia cake was delicious. It was wrapped in a soft foil to retain freshness. The cake was not very sweet  which was a good thing and every bite had Zucchini in it. I loved this one.




Legendary Brownie – Oushe

The gluten Free brownie was indeed Legendary and our absolute favorite out of the box. The bite sized brownies were moist and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The chocolate was rich and baked to perfection. Highly recommend you try it and ill be on a look out to grab some more. I just wish the whole box was filled with this delightful brownie.




The gingerbread Box is for people who have a sweet tooth and like surprise dessert box. Its for someone who wouldn’t mind the Gourmet desserts rather than the traditional and straightforward ones. The box would also make a good gift.

As for the April Box  I would say that it is for people with an acquired taste. If you’re someone who loves trying out new desserts that you haven’t tried before and love going all experimental with sweets then this is THE BOX for you. As far as we are concerned, we liked 2 out of the 5 items present in the box.

Below is what The Gingerbread Box has to say ⇓

Subscription packages are monthly, three or six months with prices ranging from AED 89-99 per month (shipping included!). Our boxes make for excellent gifts for loved ones for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries but mostly it’s the perfect gift to your indulgent self (what we call the ultimate ‘cheat day’ experience!).

For more info visit



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