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I love drinking fresh coconut water especially in summers. Luckily I have a cafe in my neighborhood,  which sells fresh coconut water at a very reasonable price. But due to the size and weight of the coconut,  you can’t carry it with you to places or even can’t fit it in your fridge at times. Besides you can’t easily pour it in a bottle or a glass without spilling it.




Few weeks back, Vita Coco was kind enough to send me a few samples GENEROUSLY. I received a heavy carton of 12 pack Coconut water in addition to their Vita Coconut Oil (Review upcoming) and different flavors of Vita Coco.

Due to my obsession with coconut water, I have tried multiple different brands of what is labelled as coconut water but actually they are just full of artificial sweeteners and preservatives . But after trying Vita Coco coconut water I can confidently state that this is the closest to the natural coconut water if not exactly the same.


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Vita Coco claims that this coconut water is :

  • 100% pure coconut water.
  • Imported From Brazil.
  • Chill It, Don’t Split it.
  • More electrolytes than leading sports drinks with 15 times the potassium.
  • Has more potassium than two bananas (don’t tell the monkeys) – potassium keeps your body properly hydrated and prevents cramping.
  • 100% natural.
  • The beauty of one ingredient.

My Verdict :

It tastes very similar to the natural coconut water but there is a slight difference of taste due to the Tetra pack. Having said that, it tastes way better than any other Tetra pack coconut water.

It definitely is very energizing and can easily give the leading sports drinks a run for their money. Besides it doesn’t have any artificial flavorings or sweeteners.

It has an expiry date on it which is typically one year after the date of production.  This is where the skeptics step in and say that it definitely has some preservatives in it because they can’t digest the fact that how can natural coconut water have such a long life without being processed.




While I was conducting my research on Vita coco, I came across this article that claimed that Vita coco uses pasteurization method to preserve the coconut water. Basically they HEAT the coconut water at a particular temperature in order to preserve it for an year. That makes perfect sense as far as I’m concerned because pasteurization is a food safety technique invented by French scientist Louis Pasteur which isn’t harmful.

I would keep on drinking this coconut water simply because I love everything about it like its taste and convenient packaging that makes it easier to carry around. It is very refreshing and light yet energizing especially during summers. To be honest I’m not so finicky about the preservatives. It’s way better than drinking the harmful Sodas and the artificially flavored so-called ‘fresh juices’ that are full of sugar.




I even got to try out the different flavors of Vita coco coconut water such as Lemonade, Pineapple and Peach & Mango. All these flavored coconut water juices have all natural fruit purees (for the flavors) mixed with coconut water. To be honest I love the good old fashioned coconut water hence I didn’t enjoy the flavored ones that much. Probably because they tasted too sweet or too sour for my liking but others might enjoy these flavored ones especially the kids.

Vita Coco is easily available at all leading supermarkets.

Nutrition Facts:

Vita Coco (per 8 fluid ounces) delivers 45 calories, 30 milligrams sodium, 11 grams carbohydrate, 11 grams sugar, 470 milligrams potassium. For Vita Coco you get 2 servings per container. Vita Coco used to be made with only two ingredients, fresh coconut water and vitamin C, which explains why the bottle delivers 100 percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Now it also lists “less than 1% natural fruit sugar” as an ingredient. Their reasoning is that it allows them to standardize the sweetness based on the coconut harvest so their product will always have 11 grams of sugar in 8 ounces. Drinking one container also gives you 10 percent of your daily dose of magnesium.

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  1. Great review. I too love coconut water as I find it cooling, refreshing n healthy. Hsve never tried vita coco though. Looking forward to winning and trying it out. Now that it is turning warm it would be great to switch to something like this.


  2. Great review. I too love coconut water as I find it cooling, refreshing n healthy. Have never tried vita coco though. Looking forward to winning and trying it out. Now that it is turning warm it would be great to switch to something like this.

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