High Impact Brows


Brows can totally make or break your beauty look. They can be the wrong color, too thin or too thick, too long or too short. As long as I can recall, my eye brow game has never been strong. A trip to the salon was always stressful as I was repeatedly told how sparse and straight my eye brows were and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t figure out how to give me the perfect arch shape.



I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect product to plump and define my eyebrows which looks natural and lasts. Hence I had to take the help of various eye brow perfectors in the form of eye brow pencils, eye brow wax and eye brow powders. But eye brow pencils seemed too harsh for my liking. I’ve tried a lot of brow kits as well, some with great results, though none quite perfect.



A few weeks ago I was sent Hi Impact Brows by Dee & Co all the way from U.K along with a booklet on how to use.



Scoring the perfect brow is a fine art and Hi Impact Brows is the best brow perfector to achieve the perfect shape. Besides Sephora, you would find it in every makeup artist, model and beauty blogger’s handbag these days.



For eyebrows & eyes:

The company claims that this product functions as an eye-shadow, eyeliner and eyebrow palette with shades to suit a variety of hair colors and skin tones. The colors can be used individually or mixed together to create a perfect shade for everyone and anyone’s eyebrows.


Not only good for brows, these powders are great for both a subtle daytime eye shadow look and a gorgeous smokey eye! The mocha & charcoal work great as an eyeliner as well!



The  Palette:

The palette contains four highly pigmented powders – (from left to right) ash, spice, mocha and charcoal – all in a beautiful glossy black compact. There’s also a small black angled application brush included. It has soft bristles and is small enough to define eyebrows and eyeliner shapes.



Since my eye brows are very light in color so after testing them all, I reached to a conclusion that since my eye brows are light brown and sparse so the color ASH suited me the most. It is the matte blonde color. This is the perfect match for my brows. It gives my brows a fuller yet natural look. It helps in filling in the gaps in my brows and giving them a perfect arch shape. I use the angled brush that comes with the set and start in the middle, working out towards the edges of my eyebrows and then go back to fill in any additional gaps in the beginning of my eyebrows.


The other day when I was going to a party, I mixed up Ash and Spice and used them together to give a more intense look. It gave a very nice definition to my brows and an instant confidence boost to me. I used ash as a base, then Spice in small strokes over sparse areas, especially the end to achieve a natural result.


These highly pigmented shades can also be used as eye shadows. I have been creating smoky eye look with spice and mocha and using the charcoal as a casual eye liner. These shades blend perfectly with shades from other palettes.

I have been experimenting with the shadows on my lids which I have enjoyed doing. I find my favorite combination is Spice all over the lid, Mocha in the crease, Urban Decay’s Strange from the Naked 3 Palette in the inner corner and brow bone complete with the charcoal from the palette as an eye liner. I just find it is a simple yet effective look which is super easy to create and very easy to change from day look to a night look by smudging the charcoal color under the lower eyelid.




The only thing that I didn’t like about this palette is its angled brush which I feel is too thick for my brows especially when doing the ends. I’m so used to my Sigma eyebrows brush which has thinner bristles for precision and also a long size which makes it easy to use.


Highly Recommended:

Would I recommend this? Yes, most definitely. I’ve been recommending this multi purpose palette to everyone who has commented on my strong brow game and others as well. This has become my go to palette because these powders don’t smudge and last all day. This is really a handy travel item to have as it is quite small and fits easily in any handbag.

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