Garnier – BB Cream Classic

I’ve been using BB creams and CC creams since two years now. I started with Sephora’s CC cream which gives medium to full coverage and a natural healthy glow. However I switched to Garnier BB cream Oil-Free with SPF 20 Light/Medium when I was in New York last year in May and ran out of my Sephora CC cream. I was a bit reluctant to try a BB cream at first but since I had read rave reviews about Garnier BB cream hence I bought it without any second thoughts. I love the oil-free nature of this BB cream, giving my skin a natural dewy look.



BB cream simply stands for Blemish Base, to cover blemishes and redness, giving an even skin tone.Although the coverage is much lighter than that of a CC cream, but it is build-able. I mix it with my daily moisturizer and it works fine for my skin.

However two weeks ago I received the latest 5 in 1 Garnier BB cream classic in Light/Claire tone for review purpose. So I will be comparing it with Garnier oil-free in my review.




Since I’m used to the Garnier BB oil-free, hence the BB classic feels a bit sticky on my face and I can’t use a primer with it or I have to use a compact to give it an oil-free look.

I have a very sensitive skin type but thankfully I haven’t had any breakouts by using any of the Garnier BB creams.


The Oil-free is lighter in consistency more like a thick flowy lotion whereas the classic is much thicker like a mousse. Both have mild pleasant scents.




The shapes and heads of both the tubes are different from each other but this could be because the oil-free one that I use is made in New York whereas the classic one is made in France. The oil-free one is long and thin with a removable head whereas the classic is small in size and wider with a click-on head.


BeFunky Collage6

Buildable Coverage:

After using the Garnier BB Cream Classic I can state that even though it is thicker in consistency,  it blends very well on your skin. The coverage is light but buildable. You need to build layers on stubborn acne marks to hide them. It is moisturizing hence it is great for winter dry skin.

Why I prefer Garnier Oil-free over Garnier BB Classic Light:

Talking about the cons I would say that it feels sticky as compared to Garnier BB oil-free. I feel that the BB classic Light doesn’t do anything for me because it is exactly the same color as my skin tone. Therefore it doesn’t hide the redness or the acne scars. It looks like I’ve applied a transparent moisturizer because my skin only looks oily but you can still see the blemishes. But again, what doesn’t work for me might be perfect for you.

In conclusion I would say that I will definitely continue using Garnier BB Cream oil-free because it works best for me.  You have to try them out before you decide which one works best on your skin type. But all the Garnier BB creams are highly affordable and there is one for every skin type and skin tone.





  • BB Classic: All skin types, in three shades starts from Extra Light, to Light and Medium.
  • BB Oil-Free: It is ideal for greasy skin and comes in two options of Light and Medium.
  • BB Eye Contour: It’s designed to treat under eye dark circles, and comes in both Light and Medium. This is a must have if you have huge eye bags!
  • BB SPF50: provides effective sun protection and is available in both Light and Medium.
  • BB Pure Active: Available in Light and Medium. This will cover imperfections while creating a smooth, flawless look.



  • Garnier BB Cream Classic: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Cream Oil-Free: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Eye Contour: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Pure Active: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Cream SPF50: AED 39

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