Urban Male Lounge, Dubai


Being a full time Blogger’s husband has a lot of perks.. like trying a lot of different cuisines at restaurants, staycations and even experimenting with some beauty products! This time I had a chance to check out Urban Male Louge in DIFC. I have not been to DIFC before so it was fascinating to see New York vibe all around.





The Urban Male lounge interior had a very modern look mostly in white and wood work. Mrs Taqato had booked ‘The Player’ package for me which was Manicure and Pedicure topped with a 30-minute back and neck massage. Don’t judge me but I went there mainly for the back massage. Like all other alpha males, I had never had a mani-padi before (it’s not a guys thing). But once I saw the dead skin come off my hands and feet and my nails getting buffed and they looked so shiny after that, my views have changed. It’s not that bad after all.

THE PLAYER – Escape the rush hour traffic into the comfort of our recliner chair & allow us to pamper you with our ‘Sound Investment manicure & pedicure’ to rid your soles of all impurities & top it off with a 30-minute De-Stressor Back & Neck Massage’ to release all your aches & pains away. Walk out totally revived & rejuvenated with no worries in sight. AED 345 (60 mins)

I was escorted to my giant Sofa in a semi cabin where two professional staff started to work on my hand and feet at the same time. They washed, moisturized and clipped the nails. After a while, another staff started to work on my neck and back at the same time. It was a little uncomfortable getting meni-pedi and massage done at same time as i had expected it to be one at a time.




However once they wrapped my hands and feet in wax and covered it with heat bags and left it, the back and neck massage was very relaxing and de-stressing. After a while the bags were removed and out came my new shiny hands and feet. They moisturized and shined it further with more creams.




Over all it was a very good experience for me. The next day was even better as my back was completely pain free. The experience changed my perception of Men getting professionally groomed besides haircut and a shave. The staff at UML was friendly and professional. They wont hesitate giving you free advice on how you can improve yourself further. You can always check out their website at www.nstyleintl.com/uml/






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