Bnk Cell Step 2 Aqua Toktok mask


This mask looked very unusual from other regular sheet masks that I have tried but since Bnk Cell masks are one of the best Korean made masks hence I was all excited to try it. Unusual because it had 3 different sections in the pack. The top section had the Step 1 eye patch (golden colored) to be placed on the crow’s feet area to reduce puffiness & relieve the stressed out under eye bags. They are very fragile, mind you! I accidentally tore a small piece of mine while taking it out from the plastic cover.

After washing my face and moisturizing my skin with my regular toner, I applied the eye patch on my crow’s feet area. Then I applied the Step 2 mask on top of the eye patch, along the cut line in order to firmly adhere to the face and left it for 20 minutes. On the left side of the package,  there is some extra aqua tok tok essence given in a separate section, to apply on neck and other areas of your choice.



The mask is transparent and the best part about it is that it’s soaking wet with the serum, making your skin feel super moist once you apply it on your face. Plus there is also extra serum to apply on other areas.



It promises to have Moisturizing effect, Elasticity effect & Anti-Wrinkle effect. Luckily I don’t have wrinkles yet (Alhamdulillah) so I can’t comment on the anti-wrinkle effect. But I would vouch for its magical moisturising properties and elasticity effect because I could feel the immediate benefits right away. Needless to say that I didn’t wash my face after removing the mask, and let my skin reap all the benefits this mask offered throughout the night until the next morning.

Note to self : After you remove the sheet mask, always squeeze the mask and apply the remaining essence on your face and neck for best results.


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