Bukhara, Kempinski Hotel – Ajman



During our staycation at Kempinski Hotel, Ajman we dined at the Indian Restaurant – Bukhara, a culinary passage to India. It is known as the best Indian restaurants in Ajman and has won several awards. The menu is carved out of a wooden block with all the dishes listed on it.


The interiors of Bukhara is very Traditional. Wooden beams and a lot of Indian artifacts like pots and pans placed around the whole place. The light was pretty dim. The restaurant was almost full.




The sofa seating was very comfortable. We tried sitting on the stool type of chairs but it had no back support and felt very awkward. So we switched back to the luxury sofas.




The drinks we ordered were exhilarating. Pina Colada and Strawberry mocktail. They were both equally good. The Pina Colada was the perfect blend of coconut milk and pineapple juice in equal proportions, just the way it should be. The strawberry mocktail was very refreshing and tangy, making it an ideal drink for summers.




For starters the waiter gave us complimentary Poppadoms and a platter of sauces

We ordered the Mahashir Tikka – Fresh Hamur marinated in Yogurt and garam masala. The fish was cooked to perfection and well marinated. It was very juicy and moist from inside. The whole flavors were coming out so well in each bite. However there was an unpleasant fishy smell in the fish which was a bummer.




The other dish that we ordered was Gosht ki Nalli. It was a very rich dish and the most delicious Indian style gravy I’ve ever had at any restaurant. Tender lamb shanks simmered overnight on charcoal, cooked in a gravy of brown onions, yogurt flavored with mace, cardamom and saffron tasted divine with the garlic naan bread. The lamb shanks were cooked to perfection that they would literally melt in your mouth in each bite.




Garlic Nan was soft with the right amount of garlic. It wasn’t too heavy on the stomach as well. It was light and so tasty that you could even eat it alone.



While we were waiting for our biryani to arrive at our table, I  noticed a very interesting Tea Cart kept on one side of the restaurant. As you can see in this picture that it had many different kettles assembled nicely on it along with cute glass jars with some tea time snacks in it. This cart was the highlight of this restaurant.



The Biryani was not listed on the menu but the manager said they make it on order. However it was my mistake that I ordered it spicy instead of medium and it was way too spicy with green chillies popping in every bite. But despite of the spiciness, it still tasted very good served with yogurt on the side.




For desserts we ordered Gulab Jamun stuffed with Pistachios served with cream on the side. The sugary sweet syrupy taste lingers in your mouth. As you bite on the juicy gulab jamun, the syrup explodes in your mouth and you can feel the crumbly pistachios in each bite.




The other dessert that we ordered was Kulfi with Vermicelli topped with red rosy syrup and some jelly. It was creamy and velvety and the sweetness was just about perfect. It was also good but it would be unfair to compare it to my favorite gulab jamun.




The one thing that I felt was missing in the menu was the ‘Appetizers’ or starters section. Poppadoms as starters is nice but I wish they would include some light Indian style starters. We had a very good experience at Bukhara. The service was excellent and so was the food. The portion size was huge and one dish could easily be shared by two people. Bukhara is an excellent Indian fine dining Restaurant and the best you’d find in Ajman.




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