7th Heaven, Part II

The 7th Heaven continues…



4. Banana and Honey Masque :

This is more of a rescue mask that helps in instantly hydrating dehydrated and dull skin. Fresh Bananas and soothing honey are full of vital vitamins and nutrients making them an extraordinary beauty fix. This mask is excellent to reduce the appearance of blemishes while refreshing lemon brightens dull skin. This mask even contains ground Oats which is why your skin will feel so moisturized the minute you wash your face.

Now I know many of you would be put off by the smell of bananas, but I for one have been using ripe bananas in my DIY organic face masks and I love the after effects of using bananas in face masks. Your skin feels so youthful and glowy. Even I’m not a big fan of banana’s smell but I can bear the smell for 15 minutes if the results are so promising and long lasting.


This is one of the most unusual textures I’ve tried from 7th Heaven, they’re usually thick but this is more like a lotion. It doesn’t drip but it doesn’t harden either. In fact within 15 minutes my skin started to absorb it. So it was obviously drier than I expected.

My skin felt softer and smoother and my complexion looked brighter after use and it didn’t take much removal. I would call it a handy packet of hydration to have on hand. It is very convenient for travelling because when I’m globetrotting,  my skin tends to get very dehydrated. So the next time I plan to travel, I will definitely be carrying a few of these banana & honey masques in my vanity for that dewy glow on my face in my holiday selfies.




5. Cucumber Peel-Off Mask:

I love peel-off masks ever since I was a teenager. In fact my first face mask was a cucumber peel-off mask. There’s something very fascinating about peel-off masks. When you peel it off, the dead skin and blackheads are also removed instantly.  I found this particular mask to be very refreshing.  The cucumber and citrus goodness gives the skin a blast of freshness & helps remove dirt & grime.

The product itself smells like gorgeous cucumbers. I love the smell of this mask. When you open the package you get a nice green gel like formula. Spread it over clean skin, wait for 15-25 minutes for it to dry down, then pick at the edges to peel it off gently.

I find the mask has a strong, but pleasant scent & a sticky texture that works best if applied quickly. I felt a very cooling effect on my skin when I applied it. I make sure I leave it on at least 20 minutes – the mask needs to be really dry in order to peel it off easily.

Since this is in a tube form, it is very convenient to use and share with your mother & sisters. You can take as much product you need and shut the cap afterwards. It lasts up to 15 uses.  After using this, my skin feels refreshed, cleansed & revived. The mask is the most affordable pick-me-up.


6. Tea Tree Sheet Masque:

Lately there has been a rise in the popularity in sheet masks. Be it Korean beauty Brands or any other international skincare brands, all are introducing sheet masks because they are time saving and a lot less messier too. I personally prefer sheet masks over the rest. This “ME-TIME”  mask is an ideal 5 minute beauty fix. This mask helps in waking up your skin and senses with stimulating Tea tree and cooling Spearmint. It leaves your skin clean, bright and fresh.

This sheet mask is easy to apply, remove and discard. So you can apply this sheet mask on your face and finish a few chores.

Tea tree is widely known for its acne-fighting properties and spearmint helps tone the pores. This mask is perfect for those with oily and combination skin, hence I was the ideal candidate. It has a very cooling and soothing effect on your skin when you apply it. It is almost soaking wet with the liquid gel. It soothes the pimples and acne and is ideal for deep cleansing of pores.

This mask according to me is perfect for teenagers who are suffering from acne. Use this mask once a week and you will notice a brighter and cleaner skin.




7. Pulped Papaya Rescue Masque (Hair Mask):

I was so excited to try this one out. I love doing hair masks and have a decent collection of my own. But the hair masks that I have used in the past come in a plastic jar or a plastic bottle, quite inconvenient to carry while travelling. It was the first time I saw a hair mask in a travel-friendly sachet.

After experiencing the goodness of the 7th Heaven face masks, my trust on this brand has grown very strong and when I was introduced fabulous sachets for hair, I couldn’t wait to try one out myself! Due to daily use of straighteners and hairdryers, my hair has become very dull and lifeless.


The Pulped Papaya Rescue Masque is a fabulous blend of potent botanical oils and papaya fruit that help to moisturize the roots and hair shafts. Plus the creamy formula tackles dullness and frizz, transforming your hair back to its full shiny, healthy glory.

Like other hair masks, I used it after washing off the shampoo from my hair on wet hair. Thankfully I had two sachets of this hair mask because I have long hair, and I knew 1 sachet would not be enough for my hair.

I simply loved the real strong fruity smell which lasted even after the mask had been washed out and my hair was dry. I covered my hair nicely from root to tip with this mask and thankfully it wasn’t dripping. The product is very rich and creamy in consistency. It’s like food for your hair. It was recommended to leave it on hair for 5 minutes but I wanted my hair to absorb all the goodness of the natural ingredients of this extraordinarily rich hair mask so I left it on for about 8 minutes.

As soon as I hopped out of shower, my hair felt so light, clean and frizz-free.
I even noticed an extra shine to my hair and there was a bounce to my mane, making them look full of life and healthy! I even got a few compliments on my shiny hair.

I’m so pleased with the results from this mask, that I’m planning to use it at least twice a week to moisturize my damaged hair. It is pretty affordable and the packaging is very practical especially for travelling. I’ve been recommending this magical hair mask to everyone I meet.

The Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven masks are easily available in all the major stores such as Carrefour, Lulu, Spinneys and Geant. The individual sachets are reasonably priced between AED 8-9.

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