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I’ve been whining  quite often about how stressful and challenging life has become ever since I’ve started  blogging. Stress and sleep deprivation both have disastrous effects on one’s skin. For me it’s even worse with acne breakouts along with a very tired looking dehydrated skin.


So when I got a chance to collaborate with THE QUEEN OF FACE MASKS – Montagne Jeunesse which is also known as 7th Heaven now, I could barely contain my excitement and was hopping all over with joy.

Its been more than a month since I have been using 7th Heaven products. I decided to post my reviews on all of these masks together so that it is easier and convenient for the readers to compare and decide that which mask they would want to try first. But if you ask me, I would advise you to try all of these masks because the variety is HUGE! Although the purpose of these masks is more or less the same – deep cleansing and hydrating the skin or removing the excess oil from the skin, but each mask has a unique blend of ingredients used in it. Trust me they all smell so yummy that I almost wanted to taste some of these, lol!




The multiple award winning brand Montagne Jeunesse which is a French term that means ‘Mountain of Youth’, has been in business since 30 years, mixing natural and cruelty free ingredients in their vegetarian kitchen! In 2015 their face masks got a makeover and they now add natural spring water in their skin and hair treats.

I was lucky enough that I got to try some of their richest and latest skin and hair treats and the results have been incredibly fruitful (vegan friendly term).


1. Dead Sea Mud Pac:

I started off with the Dead Sea Mud Pac simply because the blue colored mud mask caught my attention the minute I saw it. And also because research says that Dead Sea Mud has some miraculous healing properties which is very beneficial for treating acne. It’s unique due to its high concentrations in minerals and salts, making it ideal for troubled skin.

This turned out to be a perfect mask for my acne prone skin since it effectively removes all traces of excess oil and leaves my skin clear. It is quite thick and easy to spread on your face and neck and it stays in place. It is not nearly as blue as it looks on the packaging but does deepen in color as it dries. I felt a bit tingly yet cooling effect on my face when I applied it.

It has a very mild pleasant smell that calms you. It does tend to harden a little after 15 minutes, as you’d expect it to. I found it very easy to wash off and my skin felt so moisturized and clean afterwards.


I was worried that it might dry my skin out a bit but it wasn’t too bad. My skin did look really nice and clean and the next day it seemed more radiant too. The tube will last you up to 12 uses.

I would mainly recommend it because it is very gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any redness or irritation after washing. It is best for deep cleansing of pores and blackheads. It is ideal for teenage girls and boys to prevent breakouts of acne. Use it at least once a week.



2. Aloe Vera Face Spa:

Say hello to my shiny new BFF! This mask is the answer to my prayers and is the best gift you can give to someone with sensitive, irritated skin like mine. You can’t go wrong with a blend of Aloe Vera juice and freshly picked Green Tea. This mask aims to soothe, cleanse and leave the skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Another reason why I love this mask is because it’s a sheet mask, which is easy to apply, remove and discard – and they tend to be a lot less messier too.

The sheet mask is infused with a liquid-gel that is immediately very cooling as soon as it touches your skin. I have to admit that this effect was too relaxing for me and I actually felt like a was in a luxurious spa. It’s smell is also pleasant.

Usually the other sheet masks that I have used, advise not to rinse the face after removing the mask so that the skin absorbs all the goodness of the mask overnight. But this sheet mask advised to wash face after leaving the mask on face for 5 to 10 minutes.

Hence once I removed the sheet from my face, I gently massaged the remaining gel on my face and eventually washed it after an hour once it was completely absorbed and dried. There was a noticeable reduction of redness on my face and my skin felt soothed and cleansed. I need to stock up on these for those last minute ‘pick me up’ skin routines.



3. Argan Oil Mud Mask:

I have combination acne-prone skin and this mask does well for me since it has Moroccan Argan Oil (which I’m obsessed with these days) coupled with antioxidant rich Acai Berries. It clarifies, cleanses and helps reduce breakouts but  didn’t make my skin feel dry. The great thing about this mask is that it deeply cleanses pores, balances oil levels and brings tired skin back to life. My skin felt baby soft after I used it.

I have been recommending this mask to all those who love mud masks. Although I don’t like mud masks much because they leave my skin very dry but this one is an exception since it has argan oil to balance the hydration levels of the skin. I simply loved it. The texture of this mask is rich and creamy that makes it easy to apply and stays in place. The smell isn’t that great. But the smell doesn’t bother me much as long as the product works well and is affordable. I will definitely be re purchasing this mask again as I like to have a variety of masks.

The Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven masks are easily available in all the major stores such as Carrefour, Lulu, Spinneys and Geant. The individual sachets are reasonably priced between AED 8-9. Check out www.my7thheaven.com for more info


To be Continued……


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