The S Treats

One day while I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, I accidentally stumbled upon a photo of mini kinder cheesecake. The cheesecake in the picture looked so irresistibly tempting that I just couldn’t control and had to check out the Instagram page of The S Treats. The whole page was filled with pictures of some gorgeous looking mini cheesecakes cheesecakes in different flavors.

On inquiry I found out that it was an online bakery that operated from home and it was specialized in making these mini cheesecakes on order and delivered it to their customers.

I ordered a box of 12 cheesecakes in four different flavors like Strawberry, Oreo, Kinder and Lotus. The box arrived at the given day and time. The presentation of the mini cheesecakes in a custom made box was commendable.



Anyone could tell that a lot of hard work was put in the little details of the no bake cheesecakes.

Obviously the biscuit base of all the cheesecakes was the same except for the Oreo cheesecake whose base was made with Oreo biscuits rather than graham crackers. When talking about the cream cheese filling, only the flavors mixed with the cream cheese was differentiating them from each other. The cheesecakes tasted just the way any good cheesecake should taste. The texture of the cream cheese layer was velvety, rich and creamy. It was neither too thick nor too runny. The amount of gelatin used to set it was just perfect.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite flavor out of the four flavors that I had. The classic strawberry cheesecake, which has been my favorite since I was a kid  was sweet and tangy. I loved the taste of fresh strawberries in each bite.

The Oreo cheesecake had crushed Oreo biscuits in it making it crunchy and irresistibly delectable. The mini Oreo on top of the cheesecake looked very cute.

Next I had the kinder cheesecake which was ‘love at first bite’ moment for me. The heavenly flavor of kinder in each bite was so addictive.




Last but not the least, I tried the lotus cheesecake.  It was a first for me but definitely not the last. I loved the unique flavor of the lotus biscoff butter in the cream cheese filling. The lotus spread was also drizzling on top of the cheesecake along with crushed lotus biscuits sprinkled on top for presentation.

These individual mini cheesecakes are perfect to order at bridal showers, baby showers, a dinner party or even a birthday party.

Treats that are worth every calorie – @the.s.treats. Thanks for the delicious treats! 🍰

The S treats is a home based business specialized in cheesecakes with different flavors. Box of 12 cost AED 70 and 24 for AED 140. You can contact via Whatsapp: +971529802058.



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