Fahita, Sharjah

I was invited to try the Fahita Fresh Sandwiches at the University Road. The entire area is full of University Students and Lots of Food outlets on the street. The sandy area along the road is packed with cars and guys hanging out.

Fahita is more of a pick up joint as the interior has few high chairs and an inappropriate high table which doesn’t match the height of the chairs. You’d rather be more comfortable standing and eating.

Fahita serves 12 inch subs of different variety. We ordered the Mexican, Philly Cheese Steak, Chicken Quesadilla and their Signature fries.


The Chicken Mexican Fahita was good in taste since it was the spiciest among the rest and the ingredients were definitely fresh. I would have preferred the bread to be toasted but sadly there was no option given.


The Philly cheese steak however wasn’t that great. I have tried Philly cheese steak from a lot of places in the USA including its birth place Philadelphia. The meat was too chewy and the cheese didn’t compliment the meat.


Their signature fries potion was HUGE. Topped with Cheese, Sour cream and Guacamole. The fries also had hot sauce on it but for some reason the fries seemed too dry. Probably the cheese used should have been more liquidy . It is apparently their best seller.


The Chicken Quesadilla was the favorite out of the lot. Well toasted, flavorful and the crunchy capsicum with cheese oozing was great. It was served with sour cream and guacamole.

They only serve Soft drinks, so Coke goes great with the sandwiches.


On the whole I would say that Fahita is a good Sandwiches joint. They are very peculiar when it comes to hygiene. It is very popular among the University Students in that area. Despite of being a stand alone joint, its prices are similar to Subway which according to me are quite high.There’s an interesting variety in breads you can choose from. Apart from the Italian bread, you can also opt for tortilla or even a paratha if you’re in a very exotic mood.

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