Queens Beauty Lounge, Dubai


I had been wanting to get a makeover for my birthday but wanted to go only to a reliable beauty lounge whom I could trust. My first preference was Queen’s Beauty Lounge Marina Branch. I had seen their tempting March packages online and chose the Hair care package which included haircut + hair color + hair wash + blow dry.



First the highly efficient staff helped me choose a hair color. They use L’oreal hair color for hair so I chose L’Oreal 4.20 Mahogany on the recommendation of the staff. The color was applied on my hair without  further ado, while I relaxed and sipped on my green tea and chewed on the candies that were offered to me by the staff. All precautions were taken to ensure that the hair color wouldn’t cause any harm to my scalp or roots. The hair color was applied on the roots for lesser time than the rest of the hair to avoid damage to the roots. My ears were covered with small plastic caps to avoid the hair color getting on them.



Before I realized, 45 minutes had passed and I was escorted to wash my hair. The hair wash chair was a state-of-the-art chair which was an automatic recliner which could be adjusted comfortably by the touch of a button. I have to admit that it was the most comfortable hair wash I’ve ever had in a salon. Otherwise the hair wash part in salons can be very tedious if the chair is either too high or too low and you have to lift yourself on your own, not to mention the pressure of your weight on your back. But at Queen’s Beauty Lounge the hair wash was so relaxing. Also because the girl who washed my hair was even massaging my hair gently while she was washing the color out of my hair. It felt very soothing.



The hair wash included shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask to moisturize the hair. After the hair wash, I got my haircut done. I opted for front bangs along with front layers, making my hair look voluminous and full of life. I was completely satisfied with my haircut.

Then came the last part of blow dry. I chose outward curls instead of inward curls to add more drama to my makeover. My new hair color went really well with the outward loose curls. My hair looked very shiny and bouncy after the whole treatment.

On the whole my experience at Queen’s Beauty Lounge Marina Branch was an unforgettable one. Their service is commendable and the staff is multi talented. You might get a similar package at any other salon as well but the service that you get here takes your whole experience to a different level. I personally go to a salon/spa to get pampered and that’s exactly what I got here. I will definitely be going back for their Yon ka facial soon.


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