BK Cell 5 Days of Secret Mask Set

The BK Cell 5 days of secret mask set is a collection of 5 home spa masks, 1 for each day & the package claims to contain products with stem cells developed by Bnk. It also claims that 5 Days of using this Korean product will improve your skin remarkably.

The set contains  5 sheet masks:

Day One: Mystic Cleansing (Purify)
Day Two: Aqua Moisturizing (Moisturize)
Day Three: Snow Whitening (Whiten)
Day Four: Purity Wrinkle Lifting (Nourish)
Day Five: Love Total Anti-aging (Strengthen)

BeFunky Collage.jpg


I was pretty surprised because mostly masks are recommended twice a week. Using sheet masks 5 days in a row was a new concept for me but I was all up for it! I usually put on my masks right before bedtime. Firstly because that’s my ”Me Time”, and secondly because you should let your skin rest after you’ve treated it with a mask. All the five sheet masks are different from each other. I have used sheet masks before but nothing like these Korean made masks. They had to be left for 15 to 20 minutes but the 1st mask which is Mystic Mask had to be left on the face for 40 minutes. It had 2 sheets- one for the upper face covering the forehead, under eyes & nose, and one for the lower face covering the upper lips, jaws and chin. It had instructions in korean language and also in English.

Like other face masks, I was supposed to wash my face, apply the usual toner to clean up & moisturise the skin & then apply the 2 sheets face mask. The gel inside the sheet was mud colored and even the sheet mask itself was skin coloured. The gel inside was a bit dry like thick mud paste. After 40 minutes, it turned completely dry.




Obviously I didn’t notice any immediate results after taking off the mask but as I kept on using these masks for 5 days, with different textures and different purposes, by the end of the week I did notice a remarkable change in the quality of my facial skin. My face looked visibly fresh & softer as if I had a deep cleansing facial done. There was also a natural healthy glow on my face. I could feel that my face was clean of all the impurities and my open pores felt tighter.

Hence I would recommend this mask set to every girl who wants deep cleansing without getting a facial at the salon. Besides these masks contain stem cells which are very beneficial for cell regeneration and they boost your skin’s natural elasticity, making you look younger & fresh.

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