Lip Mask, My Skin Choice


I had never tried a lip mask before. Although I had seen many online but never thought of trying out. I love lip balms and chapsticks. Since my lips are always chapped and dry hence I can’t survive without lip balms & vaseline. It never occurred to me that I should use a lip mask to treat my chapped lips until I came across Dermal Hydro gel lip mask. This Korean lip mask is made from snail secretion filtrate to revitalize, moisturize & soften your lips.


The packing says that it is made of essential ingredients such as Vitamins and Minerals to keep dry and rough lips always moist, soft and fresh. Also, it sticks very naturally on your lips.


20160303_004737 (1)

It was time for me to test the claims. When I opened the wrapper, I was rather surprised to see a large lip formed Gel mask which could cover not only the lips but also upper lips and half of my chin. It had to be left on the lips for 20 minutes. It can be quite challenging for a girl not to be able to talk for 20 minutes, lol!




The Gel of the mask contains natural moisture ingredients such as Jojoba Seed oil, honey extracts, Lavender, Rosemary, castor oil and Hydrolized collagen to pump up your pout naturally. They covered the whole part of my lips.

After I removed the lip mask, I didn’t wash my lips. They felt intensively moisturized and soft. The mask also claimed to remove all the dead skin on the lips, making them look brighter in color & healthy. It’s a good buy especially in winters if you also suffer from dry & chapped lips like me.


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