Klairs Facial Soap, My Skin Choice


Klairs rich moist facial soap is a natural handcrafted soap infused with calamine, almond oil, jojoba oil & argan oil.

The soap bar itself is very interesting. It is a square chunky bar, with a very mild scent. Once you put it under water and rub it, the surface turns exfoliating & you can gently scrub your face directly with the soap bar like I do. Also because it’s difficult to roll the soap bar in your palms since the shape is a sharp square.

Don’t expect it to form foamy lather like other commercial soaps. Since it’s a natural soap, it has a very rich & creamy texture and as you go rubbing it, it turns completely white as if you have applied a thick moisturiser on your face. I like leaving it for 2 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

My skin tends to get very dry especially during winters. I have to use a moisturiser as soon as I wash my face otherwise it feels very stretchy and dry. But after using klairs, my face felt moist & smooth. So I’m loving this particular soap. It is a very simple soap for cleansing purpose and balancing the moisture in your face and it does justice to that. Perfect for all types of skin. Apart from the shape, I have no issues with this soap.


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