Noire, Fairmont Dubai

After the Zomato Meet up we had a surprise waiting. We got to experience something extra ordinary and you have probably NOT done this yet while eating. We were led to the back entrance of another restaurant for Dessert. The surprise was we had to eat it in pitch BLACK DARK ROOM!

Entrance to Noire


The restaurant is called NOIRE – Dining in the Dark. Noire in french means Black or Dark. It’s the only Dine in the Dark experience in GCC & Middle East. It has also won BBC Good Food award for the Best Experiment Restaurant for Middle east.


Entrance to Noire


The restaurant changes their menu every week and don’t reveal what they will serve so you have to rely only on your sense of taste to figure out and truly enjoy the food. The staff of the restaurant is professionally trained to use night vision goggles and see using only that.



I Wonder…


Before going in we were briefed by the staff how they would take us in and we should not freak out as it was PITCH dark. We could raise our hand any time and call the waiter. The only thing we could see was a red spot on the servers goggle. They also asked us to leave our mobiles out. We formed a line, in a group of 6 and the server guided us to our table.


Noire Dubai


We entered the restaurant and it was completely dark and we had to rely on our sense of hearing and touch to be guided. We sat in our seats in excitement. There was a napkin on the table along with a spoon and a plastic glass. The waiter asked us to put the napkins on as we may spill.

He soon served us water. We could hear every glass being filled and people trying to feel their spoons. At that moment I also realized how difficult a blind persons life can be.

The server announced he is serving the dessert and will keep a plate in front of us and we should get digging. My first attempt with the spoon came empty. I felt the food with my hand and took the next bite was yogurt ice cream and some coffee.

In another attempt my spoon was full and so was my mouth. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I figured it was Turkish delight. I would get a complete new taste in every bite. Never the less I finished my plate and loved the dessert.

After a lot of chatter in the dark we exited the dark room. They revealed our dish to us.


The Dessert


It was a plate with a lot of Turkish sweets. In particular: Pistachio anglaise, candied rose petal, Turkish delight, kunafe paste, carrot and yoghurt ice cream and Turkish coffee powder.


Cranberry Drink

We were served tangy cranberry drinks while we all inspected the displayed dish. The servers even bought us some night vision goggles to try. It is NOT easy to use them. Everything looks green. We toured the pitch black room with mobile flash lights.

I believe it is true that if one of your sense is shut, the rest of them are heightened. It was a great experience to dine in the dark and everyone should try in at least once in their lifetime. I would like to give a big thanks to Zomato and Fairmont Dubai for giving me the unique experience to try Noire.




Noire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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