Raffles Spa, Dubai


Weekends are meant to relax & get pampered by the experts at a spa & if it is Raffles Spa, then it takes the whole experience to another level.

Life can be very stressful sometimes especially if you’re inundated with workload. Don’t get me wrong,  I love my work but being a perfectionist means I’m working round the clock on my blog and reviews. Hence I decided to shut down completely and relax those tensed muscles by booking a treatment at Raffles spa.

I booked a ‘Journey Relaxation’ spa treatment which was a 2.5 hours treatment that included a 30 minutes body scrub, 1 hour full body massage followed by 1 hour facial.

I received a call from the spa, a day prior to my treatment telling me the details of my treatment and asking me which fresh juice would I prefer after my treatment along with the canapes. I chose mango juice and was very impressed by extra concern for their guests. I booked an appointment at 5 p.m on a Friday. I was requested to come half an hour early to avail the other services such as the Jacuzzi, pool, sauna or the gym to which I had an all day free access.

Locker Room


When I reached the spa, I was welcomed by very attentive staff who escorted me to the locker room where I could leave all my belongings & change into a bathrobe.

As soon as I changed, I was taken through the lavish corridors towards the secluded treatment area. As I walked, I was shown the Jacuzzi & the shower rooms along with the gym.


Soon I was handed a questionnaire regarding my treatments, that had questions to determine the areas I would want to focus on during my massage and my skin type for the facial. I knew I was in safe hands once I answered the detailed questionnaire which addressed all the necessary topics.



Then came in my therapist,  who whisked me to the massage room which had dim lights and a very soothing music playing that could calm even the most restless souls. My therapist applied 3 different oils on my wrist, asking me to choose one. All of them had lavender oil mixed with some other essential oils. I randomly chose one as all were equally good.

Massage Room


She started off my treatment with a full body scrub. The scrub was made up of rose water & ground olive seeds so naturally it smelled divine. After the scrub I was asked to go to the capsule shower room within the spa to wash off the scrub with warm water but without using soap.

Then she started the massage. Her massage techniques were very different from the ones I’ve tried before. She confirmed how much pressure I could handle & then she started tackling my stiff & most stressed out muscles. Since I had chosen in the questionnaire the focus of the massage to be on my shoulders, back & feet hence she spent majority of the time on these areas. But she even massaged my arms, hands & head. The head massage was very relaxing. The way she rotated her fingers clockwise through my hair, gently rolling them in her fingers, was very rejuvenating. I almost slept by the end and I can state that this is so far THE BEST MASSAGE I’ve ever experienced and I will definitely be going back again.



Last but not the least she did my facial with the best products. First she gently cleansed my face, then she exfoliated it with a mild scrub followed by a facial massage. Then she gave me steam for a few minutes to loosen my blackheads & then she gently extracted my blackheads & whiteheads with her hands instead of forcing them out with a metal blackhead extractor. In the end she put a mask on my face. The best thing about this facial was that it didn’t cause any redness or breakouts on my face.


Raffles Spa


She advised me not to take a shower till the next day. Then she escorted me to a private lounge where I could relax and enjoy my canapés & juice. Sadly I didn’t get the mango juice I had ordered on the phone a day earlier. Instead there was a lemon & mint juice kept on my table which I never drink that too with a sore throat.

Note : Apart from the miscommunication over the phone call over my appointment time & the juice blunder, my overall Raffles Spa experience was excellent. I would rate it 4 on 5 mainly because my therapist was  the best.


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