Tea Club, Downtown Dubai

I had been wanting to go to Tea club for quite sometime firstly because of its excellent location in Downtown Dubai, with the incredible view of Burj Khalifa. Secondly, because it offers a huge variety of tea that I have never witnessed in any other tea house, served in innovative and unconventional ways.

So what better day to sip on some hot tea than a cold rainy day! We went there in the evening. Although I had decided to sit outdoors but due to a sudden drop in temperature, we opted to sit indoors instead.


I simply fell in love with the magnificent & classy interiors. Bulky, velvet sofa sets in different colors like maroon, purple and beige spread across the huge lounge along with glass tables and chandeliers hanging from the roof, giving the whole place a very chic and urban look. The ambiance was very warm & comfortable, perfect for a group of friends and family or even for couples like us.


For drinks, we ordered Rose Berry which was a combination of summer mixed berries with a hint of rose and Summer Rush which was a fusion blend of mix fresh berries. Both the juices were more or less the same but Rose Berry had a rosy flavour as the name suggests whereas Summer Rush was more tropical. Both drinks were equally good.


We decided to order their wild shitake mushroom soup which is served in a brown bread basket and drizzled with Truffle oil. It tasted good and in this cold weather what else could be better than this warm flavorful soup.


For Appetisers we ordered Jalapeno Cheese Balls & their signature Almond Prawns.

The Jalapeno cheese balls were exceptionally good with hot melt-in-your-mouth stringy mozzarella oozing out of crispy bread crumbs coating, with spicy Jalapeno flavours bursting in your mouth. Be careful while you sink your teeth in these tempting cheese balls as it might get a bit messy.


The Almond Prawns were one of the most original and unique prawns recipes that I’ve ever tasted. Whoever thought of coating Jumbo Prawns with crispy almond flakes was a genius because it surely tasted divine especially when you eat it with Thai sweet chili sauce that comes with the platter.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Then we ordered mini burgers platter that had 5 different mini burgers in it. All of them were equally good especially the mini steak sandwich.

We ordered buffalo chicken wraps platter which was crispy, spicy buffalo chicken strips with ranch dressing wrapped in a tortilla. The wraps tasted really good and were very filling. I would recommend the wraps over the burgers.


For the main course, we ordered beef lasagna. Their lasagna was fairly decent, it had ricotta cheese and beef layered in lasagna sheets and the best part was that they serve the red sauce inside the platter so that the lasagna doesn’t get too dry or too messy.


I was inclined to sink my teeth in some greasy steaks. So I ordered cream mushroom steak. I made one mistake that I asked them to make it well done. My steak got a bit too hard and chewy but the taste was good when you dip it in the sauce that is served separately. It’s better to request them to drizzle the sauce on top of your steak so that it doesn’t get too dry.


Finally sat outside to finish our meal with some dessert and hot tea. The tea selection was very huge categorized by countries.


We ordered ‘Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea’ from China which had the exact same aroma of fresh jasmines. The pot had more than 4 servings and the candle underneath kept it hot so you can take your time and sip away all evening. The tea was perfect.


We were served a platter of various cakes with a side of vanilla ice cream.  I enjoyed the German Chocolate and the rest were just okay. I sat there til mid night sipping away the perfect tea.


If you want to get away from all the hustle bustle of Dubai Mall and find a perfect corner with luxurious interiors, Tea Club would be the place for you. Almond Prawns are unique and a MUST. Enjoy away a meal with Burj views or just sit down and try various cups of tea.

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