Pore Corset, My Skin Choice

I received the Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum as a gift from My Skin Choice.

Since this serum is designed for those with large pores and oily skin, thus I was the perfect litmus paper to test this on. I have large pores on my cheeks and nose & my skin is a combination skin with the T-zone being oily and my cheeks are dry.

This serum claims to tighten large pores by 34%, make pores visibly smaller in 20 minutes, reduce oil production & hydrates the skin.

I was curious to see how well it actually tightens and minimizes the appearance of large pores in 20 minutes. Personally I am a big fan of primers as they fill the pores and give the skin an even look but lets be honest, they don’t tighten the pores. So finding a product to give a pore minimizing effect that isn’t a primer was extremely exciting for me.

The texture of the serum is a thick liquid similar to that of syrup, just without the stickiness. Once applied over the skin, it absorbs and spreads evenly and instantly has a refreshing cooling effect that reminds me of mint or tea tree oil. The cooling effect lasted on my skin for about 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, there was no visible residue on my skin, no shine and no sticky texture. It also was not all drying which was very nice.

Talking about the results, my pores did appear smaller and much less enlarged after 20 minutes as the serum claimed. In my opinion, it does not work as well as a primer, however primers only “mask” pores and don’t actually tighten them whereas this serum is more like a treatment of open pores. Which is a huge difference in product performance.

After using it daily for three weeks now, I can state that my skin feels tighter and the pores look minimized. The best thing about this serum is that it did not cause my skin any irritation or breakouts! Which is a huge bonus.

I highly recommend the Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum if you are looking for something to use all day instead of a primer. Primers can be clogging and cause acne. This serum is an excellent alternative as it shrinks pores and, reduces oil and overall keeps your pores fresh and healthy. It certainly is suitable for sensitive skin and works well with dry and combination skin types as well as oily skin types. Definitely a must have skincare item for those with large pore concerns and issues. However don’t expect dramatic results because lets be logical, you can not get rid of your pores.


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Watch out for my reviews on the other products of MySkinChoice.

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