Chef Yasser


The day I heard about Chef Yasser, that it delivers Home made food right to your office, work place or home, i thought of it as a very interesting concept. I got a chance to sample their food and picked up a delivery.


Chef Yasser


The concept is “different and fresh menus on offer every day! Healthy, wholesome and delicious deliveries are our thing, serving up classic and contemporary dishes from our kitchen straight to yours.” I picked up two boxes of Vegetarian option and two of Light.

The packaging is very high quality. The outer box and the plastic containers are way better than any other restaurant delivery. The containers are Microwave safe so you can easily store your food and reheat when necessary.


Kabab Hindi with Ratatouille

The packaging also included their menu and a Calendar for the whole month dishes to be served. With an easy to follow calendar pre-organized at the beginning of every month for breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests can instantly know what is on Chef Yasser delivery menu that day or night.


Monthly Calendar

The Vegetarian Box and dish of the day was Ratatouille. It also included Lentil Soup, Pita Bread, Salad, Rice and Arabic sweets.

Vegetarian Option

The salad was simple. Consists of fresh lettuce and tomatoes topped sprinkled with cheese with dressing on side.


The rice was very flavorful and had a very good taste. It wasn’t just plain rice. When combined with Ratatouille it tastes even better.


Main dish was Ratatouille, a traditional French stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice.  was delicious. All the vegetables in it was fresh and high quality. It consisted of  onions, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers.



The Arabic sweet (Sorry, I don’t know the name) was cinnamon rolls with cream filling and jam sort of texture inside. It was pretty sweet yet I gulped down all six of them.


Arabic Sweets

I wouldn’t be reviewing the Light box as it was same as vegetarian box with 5 Kababs placed on top of the ratatouille. The other difference was the rice and dessert.


Light Box


This was a tasty dessert. I have been having it since childhood but never bothered to learn the name. If not mistaken it goes something like Mohallabiya. Topped with Cherries it was very good.

Dessert #2



Side dish

In my opinion the concept is great! Dhs 48 for a such a huge variety of home made and Healthy food is a steal. Trying a new dish everyday would be fun and treat to the taste buds. If you cannot finish your meal in one go you can always store and eat later conveniently. I don’t see any downsides to it. Chef Yasser is here to stay!


You can order them online at or 800-Yasser!


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