– A Fresh Start

Last week when I accidentally stumbled upon the instagram account of Fruitful Day, I was highly impressed by what this online fruit store had to offer. At Fruitful Day, their aim is to help make a healthy lifestyle easier and more accessible to all.
They provide healthy, delicious fresh fruit that people can feel good about eating. They keep things simple by delivering directly to your workplace;  making the day a little brighter for you, your team and your company.
Their fruit boxes are available on a subscription basis in two sizes, Small and Large, and in two types, Staples and Discovery. They deliver Sunday to Thursday throughout Dubai, free of charge.
The Staples Box includes bananas, apples & citrus fruit and sometimes also a surprise fruit that’s in season in the region. Its price starts from 95 AED.
The Discovery Box
On the other hand, the discovery box consists of different fresh seasonal fruit each week that has been expertly curated for maximum taste and enjoyment. Its starting price is 125 AED.
When I contacted Fruitful Day they were gracious enough to send me a sample of a Small Discovery Box which contained 25 servings of fruit. The box itself was an eye candy. So colorful and well designed. Most of the fruit that was cut was put in plastic bowls or placed neatly in zipper bags making it very convenient to be eaten right away.
Fruits cut and in ready to eat boxes!
The fruit inside is washed and they put a small paper inside that informs you what all fruit is in your box and that everything except for blueberries and strawberries are washed. The reason why they are not washed is to maintain their texture. It even tells that they sanitize their fruit with baking soda so they are free of any soaps or chemicals.
Our box contained Red Apples, Granny Smith Apples, New Season Navel Orange, New season grapefruit,  pears, passion fruit, white grapes, black grapes (seedless), blueberry, banana, Pomegranate, Blood Orange, papaya & lime, watermelon, avocado, organic dates, coconut and last but not the least strawberry.
25 servings
The fruits tasted fresh and very delicious. Needless to say that they were all of superior quality. If you are a couple on the go or a small family it should last you for a week. If you are a corporate or an small office, it should last you a day! If you are a health freak or not we do need our fruits and will source you the healthiest and be the most convenient!

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