Phyto Volumizing Shampoo, BasharaCare

When I received Phyto volumizing shampoo as a gift from Bashara Care last week, I was reluctant to use it because it said it was to boost volume in thin fine hair whereas I have wavy hair and trust me when I say that volume is the last thing I need. (pun intended)

Therefore with a heavy heart I gave it to my younger sister to use so I could experiment it on her. Since she has very thin and dead straight hair so she seemed to be the perfect candidate for my testing.

She used it for a week and here’s what all she noticed. She has super fine pin straight hair that has never been able to hold a curl. Since she started using this shampoo her hair has had volume to it on a regular basis. When she curled her hair for a party, it actually stayed curled! Hairstyles that normally lasted up to an hour to 2 hours started lasting all day. Her hair felt and looked shinier, healthier and softer. There was a natural volume to her mane without even using a hair dryer. The only thing that she didn’t like about this amber colored shampoo was its watery consistency and the fact that it didn’t lather.

The packaging is cool.The price is not ideal, but is completely fair given comparable products. It’s better to pay a little more for a product you know is good for your hair, delivers what it advertises and stops you from wasting time and money trying out cheaper options.

In conclusion I would say that this product does exactly what it claims to, BUT you have to put in some manual work for it. It’s sulfate-free, which means it’s much more gentle on your hair, but it does not lather. You need to leave shampoo for couple of minutes before you rinse it for a good results. I love Phyto products and I trust French laboratories because they make products of outstanding quality. You can order yours online via


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