Dermalogica Intensive Care, BasharaCare

I received a 50ml sample bottle of dermalogica intensive care by Bashara Care last week and decided to use it as a night cream – I prefer my day creams to have SPF. It comes in a handy sized tube so it is small enough for me to take on the go or when travelling which is a major plus.

This moisturiser is light and not heavy on the skin. It works wonders on my combination skin type (Oily with some hydration issues in parts of my skin). I found this moisturiser is fine to use all over my face and it does not clog my pores. I love the lightness of this moisturiser and it does not feel greasy or heavy on my skin.

This moisturiser absorbs quickly and easily into my skin. It leaves my skin hydrated and smooth.

I love how soft my skin is after using this product. I like the smell of the product as it is light and pleasant.
Overall this is a great moisturiser to try as it offers great hydration to balance the skin.

However it does have drawbacks. It is a bit too pricey as compared to other moisturisers. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have SPF and I didn’t really like the fragrance of it but that wouldn’t stop me from using it.

You can buy your Dermalogica Intensive Care at which delivers it for free at your door step for orders above AED 100. is an authorized retailer for carried brands. Products are guaranteed authentic.

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