KELLY VAN GOGH – Rich & Delicious Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque

There’s a famous saying ”Spend more on your hair because you wear it everyday”. But sadly the daily chemicals we use on our hair in form of shampoos, hair sprays, and the damage caused by using hair dryers and hair straighteners takes its toll and can turn any smooth, shiny and silky locks into a dull, dry and rough ends. Rich & Delicious Intense Repair Hair Masque came in like a spa keratin treatment for my dry, frizzy, coarse and wavy hair. Investing in quality haircare is one of the smartest beauty moves you can make. So tame your mane with the Rich & Delicious Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque!

It can be used after every shampoo as a daily conditioner for color treated or damaged hair. For normal to fine hair it may be used as a deep, intense conditioning treatment once a week for 15 minutes.

Used regularly, you will achieve healthier, more manageable and shimmering hair. Plus, you are constantly reinforcing a beautiful canvas for hair color the next time.

Rich & Delicious is packed with an intense concentration of the most active, healing ingredients that are found in the entire KELLY VAN GOGH system such as Kelly’s patented Caviar Oil Repairing System , keratin proteins and amino acids that help repair, restore and prepare the hair for beautiful color every time.

It is priced at AED 140 and is available at Blooming Dale’s in Dubai Mall or you can order it online via bedrock prestige.

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