Kelly Van Gogh Color protecting Caviar Shampoo

I had never colored my hair until last year for my wedding, just because I wanted a fresh new look on ‘D Day’. Needless to say that I’ve been coloring my hair eversince. That’s when I found out that the after care of color treated hair is very crucial and a bit of a headache. Since then I have spent a fortune on shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair. Most products stripped the color from my hair even though they claimed they won’t. Then last month I was introduced to KELLY VAN GOGH Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo by Bedrock Prestige and I can proudly state that my search has finally ended and this shampoo is the best shampoo I have ever used.

I only need to use a tiny dime size amount to get the richest lather. I could feel the difference the minute I worked it into my hair. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my hair has never felt so thick or looked so shiny and the color comes out so vibrant.

Color-treated hair can lose its brilliance and vibrancy over time. Kelly Van Gogh shampoo came to the rescue, gently cleansing, quenching and restoring the color to my dull, dry, chemically treated hair. In fact, this shampoo will extend the life of your hair color 10 times longer than any other product on the market!  Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo is a like a boost of energy for hair – leaving it brilliantly glossy, healthy and rich with dimensional color. For best results, it is recommended following up with Kelly Van Gogh’s Colour Protecting Caviar Conditioner, also available at Bedrock Prestige.

Everyone that colors their hair should be using the KELLY VAN GOGH Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo. Because of its unique ingredients such as collagen building caviar oil, vital amino acids and keratin protein, all essential building blocks of healthy hair, KELLY VAN GOGH  is the ONLY one that protects hair colour against its five worst enemies: STYLING HEAT, BAD WATER, UV RAYS, AIR POLLUTION & DRYNESS.

KELLY VAN GOGH Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo gently cleanses, removing build-up that can cause hair colour to look flat and heavy, while still protecting colour’s vitality and enhancing shine.

By using KELLY VAN GOGH Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo, your colour will have 10x better colour retention than without.

KELLY VAN GOGH is a top-of-the-range luxurious brand, rather than paying for an expensive salon treatments its better to invest in a luxurious yet reliable product.

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