Go Gyros, Dubai

Although Gyros are originally a Greek delicacy, but in a layman’s term you could call it a Greek equivalent of a shawarma. But when I say “Gyro” the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘The Halal Guys’ food carts in New York. Their gyros were so finger-licking delicious that I would have it every other day, sometimes even twice a day. Another reason for having gyros so frequently in NYC was that they  were the best option amongst the Halal carts and they were very filling. You could either have it in a thick pita bread like a shawarma or you could have it as a platter served with rice.

After I returned from NYC I kept on searching for Gyros in Dubai preferably the authentic Greek Gyro. My search landed me at Go Gyroz, an authentic Greek Fast food outlet tucked away in a dark corner of JLT in Cluster D. The interiors are decked out in a way to give you a very warm Greek feel– teal, blue and white spread across the walls and furniture. I’m not a big fan of white lights, they remind me of hospital canteens but since it is a fast food place so its totally justified. A special shout out to the enthusiastic and passionate staff who describe each and every gyro so well that you can almost taste it!

The Menu

Talking about the menu, they offer four main sandwiches : the Babylonian bite (Arabian), the Spartan spread (Greek), the Mayan Myth (Mexican) and the Ottoman (Turkish). They also have gyro plates, salads, sides, desserts and with the ‘build your own gyro empire’ – the options are actually endless.

After inquiring about my taste the chef first served me The Mayan Myth  – succulent gyro beef slices, covered with ground Guacamole (avocado,coriander,tomato,onions mixed paste), Chipotle salsa (red chilly,egg yolk,white vinegar,sugar syrup,olive oil and garlic beans mixed), and with wild Jalapeno spread (coriander,tomato,onions,jalapeno,garlic,beans,olive oil,cumin mixed), all wrapped in a crispy grilled tortilla.Very delectable and it reminded me of the Mexican soft burrito but with a very unique taste. 

The Mayan Myth

Then we were served The Spartan Spread folded within fluffy soft Greek pita bread with Gyro meat slices, creamy Tzatziki spread (cucumber, Greek yogurt, mint leaves, olive oil mixed), Arugula leaves (a type of salad leaves like Rocca), red onions and GoGyroz seasoning. The tzatziki sauce was the real hero here. It added a rich and creamy flavour to the gyro.


Then came The Ottoman Odyssey wrapped within delectable Doner pocket bread, infused with succulent Gyro meat slices,tomato and crunchy pickle , smoky roasted eggplant sauce and tomato sauce flavored with Gogyroz seasoning. Since I’m a big fan of Turkish cuisine so I thoroughly enjoyed the turkish touch in my gyro.

Ottoman Odyssey
The Spartan Spread


By the time the Gyro Plate arrived, we didn’t have any room for more food but the seared meat gyro slices served with hummus, warm khubus, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, tzaziki sauce and crispy fries all looked so tempting that we had to taste. The Gyro Plate is enough for two. 

Gyro Platter with Fries, Salad and Sauces

The fresh in-house sauces and the spreads in the Gyroz is what separates a gyro from a shawarma or a doner. Although AED 32 for a gyro seems too expensive but the chef isn’t shy explaining why. The sauces are freshly prepared and they don’t compromise on quality when it comes to vegetables and meat. 

My verdict would be that The Mayan Myth is the best amongst the four Gyros because I love spicy food. The Gyro meat is a bit greasy compared to its competition (shawarma) but its good for once in a while indulgence.

Here’s a teaser of the mouth watering platter!



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