Skin Republic Face Mask


I called my bestie over for an ultimate ‘girls night in’ over the weekend and turned my room into a virtual spa where we did our mani-pedi routine while catching up on our girlie gossip and got to try these 2 heavenly face masks from Skin Republic which is an Award-winning Korean brand that is available in selected Boots Pharmacies across the UAE and @bedrock_prestige website.
I tried out the Stem Cell Plant Protein mask. Application was pretty straightforward, and much faster than slapping on a conventional face mask. You literally just put the mask on!


The package recommended keeping the mask on for 20 minutes.

On first application, I could feel my skin being hydrated right away. The serum was deliciously cool on contact, and even though the sheet mask was drenched with the product, it was not particularly messy or slippery.

As the clock ticked, the sheet got drier, but not stiff-dry. It came off as easily as it was to apply.


Unlike conventional masks, you don’t need to rinse off this one. The serum basically sets into your skin.

Overall, my face felt refreshed and rejuvenated. There was a visible glow on my face after three to four hours. I didn’t need to follow up with a moisturizer. My skin felt hydrated. Although one application won’t do miracles but incase you’ve missed your facial appointment before NYE party, then trust me this mask is your life saver 😄


The Stem Cell Plant Protein face mask delivered on its promise to revitalize my skin. The recommended dose is 2 masks per week. I am intrigued to try out the other Skin Republic masks…

Whereas my friend who tried the Platinum Lift Face Mask, felt her skin to be tighter and firm the next day. The Skin Republic Face Masks are easily available across U.A.E at Boots Pharmacies plus you can also order it online from the website of its Middle East distributors Bedrock Prestige.


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