Figs & Rouge Lip Balm



Figs & Rouge Vanilla Orange Lip Balm is the best thing ever happened to my lips. The packaging of this little cutie sucked me right in. I love little old school tins, but that’s not the only reason why I loved it so much. The balm itself is so light on your lips, like it’s barely there but it leaves your lips feeling baby soft and moisturized.

I personally don’t like lip balms with overpowering scents and flavors, but since it is a 100% organic lip balm, it has a very mild yet fresh and delicious smell but no flavor (Ahem, not that I lick my lip balms).

Although its transparent but it has a shimmery gloss to it which makes your pout look hydrated and fresh.

My Verdict : It did make my lips feel softer and moisturized after a while and that’s exactly what a good lip balm is supposed to do. Its a must have for everyone regardless of their gender or age, ¬†especially during winters when our lips tend to get drier than usual.

For further inquiry regarding this product visit its Middle East distributor’s website



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